The United States has an extensive network of hospitals and clinics that have international certifications. That is why states like Florida, Texas, New York, among other states, are the epicenter for international medical tourism from regions such as Latin America. Nevertheless, people interested in traveling to the US for receiving medical treatment must first prove that they have enough economic muscle to cover the expenses of the medical treatment and the stay in the country.

The Immigration Law bans the entry of people that could be a public burden or could require free medical assistance. With the exception of a few emergency situations, most hospitals in the United States don´t admit patients that don´t have a medical insurance or evidence that they can cover all the inherent expenses.

Also, as any other applicant, the citizen must obtain a nonimmigrant visa to enter the country, in this case the B1/B-2 visa, and demonstrate the intention of returning to their place of residence outside the United States.

What you must deliver to get a B1/B-2 visa for medical treatment

The B1/B-2 visa application process is similar to a tourist or business visa, but there are additional documents that must be submitted in case of medical treatment, to establish that the applicant qualifies for the category.

• Medical diagnosis of a local doctor, explaining what disease you have, and why you should go to the United States for treatment.
• Letter from doctor or hospital in the United States, indicating if they can treat that illness, detailing the cost and time of treatment (this includes the doctor's and the hospital fees and any other expenses related to treatment).
• A letter of financial liability from the individual or organization that will take care of the medical expenses, transportation, and stay. To guarantee the payment of such expenses, proof must be shown of being able to do so. That proof can be either bank statements or other forms of income, savings vouchers, or certified copies of tax payments.

You must provide evidence that:

• Your visit to the United States is for medical purposes only
• You plan to stay for a temporary and specific period of time, fact that is corroborated by a letter from your treating physician
• You have a permanent residence outside the United States, as well as a family or employment relationship that demonstrates that you intend to return home
• You have a valid passport with no imminent expiration, that allows you to return to your country of origin at the end of your visit
• You have the financial means to pay for your travel and personal expenses during your stay in the United States

Before applying for the B1/B-2 visa, you should research and get in touch with a variety of medical professionals who can treat your condition. This way you can get an idea of how long you will need to be in the US, and how much you can expect to pay for treatment and any other related costs, such as exams, doctor's fees, hospitalization, and prescription drugs. Once you have decided on a professional, get a letter from the doctor or hospital in the United States explaining:

• The physician's willingness to accept you as a patient, based on information received from your local physician
• A detailed treatment plan for your medical condition
• How long will you need to stay in the United States to complete your medical treatment?
• The estimated cost of all medical procedures, including fees for inpatient and outpatient care.

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