Today, the United States is one of the main touristic and work destinations in the world. If you are Honduran or have a passport from Honduras and you have decided to travel to that country, you will have to consider that to enter, you will need a US visa for Hondurans. Whether for touristic or business reasons, you have to keep in mind that there is a rigorous process to apply for the visa.

For many people it can be a stressful process, but if you apply seriously, the results will probably be favorable. The first thing you have to consider is you must know what type of visa you want to obtain. The most common visa is the tourist visa, which is under the category of nonimmigrant visas. Visa USA Now specializes on that type of visa, go to our homepage and begin your procedure for applying to the B2 visa category.

The B1 Visa is mainly used for temporary business trips and it´s perfect for meeting with customers and suppliers, negotiating contracts and attending various exhibitions, conventions or conferences. The B2 Visa is mainly used for touristic activities such as visiting friends and family, and obtaining medical treatments. It´s worth mentioning that the B1 and B2 visas are not valid for acquiring work or for entering the country permanently as a student.

How to apply for an American Visa from Honduras

Once you have defined the type of Visa you wish to apply to, you must access the website of the United States Embassy.

There, you must pay for your visa (Note: the payment of the visa does not imply that you are granted the visa to the United States). There are several payment options; the rates of the visas will vary depending on the type of visa that you need.

US visa requirements for Hondurans

There are a number of US visa requirements in Honduras, the first of which is completing the DS-160 form.

You have to keep in mind that the DS-160 form must be filled in a computer, you must answer all the questions with total honesty and all the information must be correct and precise.

Once you have filled out the form, you must schedule your appointment at the American Embassy; it is very important to bring the DS-160 form printed to the appointment as it contains a bar code necessary for the procedure.

Other requirements for the US visa

  • It is very important that each applicant is properly registered on the website of the embassy.
  • Printed sheet with the DS-160 confirmation.
  • Schedule the interview; the interview can be scheduled from the internet using your PIN number
  • Carry a valid Passport with a validity of at least 6 months after the date of the interview.
  • Documents that validate that you have enough economic, family and labor ties in your country.
  • Choose the DHL that best suits you to pick up your visa in case it is approved.
  • Attend the interview with all the necessary documentation.

Once you have completed the online procedures, you should attend the appointment with the consul. Like any other professional interview in life, you must be aware that it is very important to not to be nervous, to be earnest; and thus answer honestly. It is also very important to dress properly for the visa interview in the consulate. It is of utmost importance not to be nervous, as this will most likely earn points in your favor.

In addition, you must answer all questions, either in Spanish or English, in a clear and calm fashion. You can request the consul to repeat any question in case you don´t understand it well. The idea is that you are able to respond concretely to what you are asked.

When you finish the interview, you will be notified within a period of no more than one month if your visa was approved or not. In case it is not approved, you probably will be informed of the reason for that decision. You must ask the consul about the possibilities for applying for the visa again.

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