There are various types of visas that are requested by the United States for employment, study, family, travel, business, and for a temporary or permanent stay. Citizens of some countries do not need a visa to travel to the United States, unfortunately, this does not apply to any Latin American country except Chile, and citizens with dual nationality of one of the countries eligible for the ESTA waiver.

Non-immigrant visas in the United States

A nonimmigrant visa allows a temporary stay in the United States. They are organized according to different categories and can be requested at US Embassies. There are several types of nonimmigrant visas for temporary visitors if they are not US citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States. The purpose of your trip and other facts will determine the type of visa that will be required, according to immigration laws in the United States. It is important to have clarity regarding the purpose of your trip in order to get the adequate nonimmigrant visa. Visa USA Now will guide you through the necessary steps to apply for a visa at a United States Embassy or Consulate abroad.

Check the list below to find information on all types of US visas that can be processed to enter the United States of America.

Purpose of travel to the United States and visas for non-immigrants/ Type of Visa
Athletes, amateurs & professionals (that compete only for monetary prizes)/ B-1
Au pairs (exchange visitor)/ J
Australian Professional Specialty/ E-3
Border Crossing Card: Mexico/ BCC
Business Visitors/ B-1
Crew members/ D
Diplomats and officials of foreign governments/ A
Domestic employees or nanny who must accompany a foreign employer/ B-1
Employees of an international organization, and NATO/ G1-G5, NATO
Exchange Visitors/ J
Foreign military personnel stationed in the United States/ A2, NATO1-6
Foreigners with extraordinary skills in Science, Arts, Education, Business or Sports/ O
Professionals of a free trade agreement (FTA): Chile, Singapore/ H-1B1
Internationally cultural exchange visitors/ Q
Employees transferred between companies/ L
Visitors for medical treatment/ B-2
Journalists/ I
NAFTA Professional Workers: Mexico, Canada/ TN/TD
Nurses who come to areas with a lack of professional healthcare/ H1-C
Athletes, artists or entertainers that are going to perform/ P
Doctor/ J , H-1B
Teacher (exchange visitor)/ J
Religious workers/ R
Specialized occupations requiring specialized knowledge/ H-1B
Students: academic, vocational/ F, M
Temporary Farmers/ H-2A
Seasonal workers carrying out seasonal work/ H-2B
Visitors for tourism, pleasure or vacations/ B2
Training in a program not primarily for employment/ H-3
Traders or investors in treaties/ E
Transiting the United States/ C
Vitim of criminal activity/ U
Victim of human trafficking/ T
Nonimmigrant (V) Visa for Spouse and Children of a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR)/ V
Information from the Directory of Visa Categories from the US Department of State

The B1/B2 visa category is among the most requested, known as a tourist visa. With this kind of visa, you can visit on vacation, visit your family or friends, attend a business meeting, participate in work training, have a medical treatment or develop missionary labor. If you wish to take a short recreational course, with an hourly intensity fewer than 18 hours per week, you can do so with this visa.

Visa for students or scholars

These visa categories are directed towards those who yearn to study in the United States. Individuals wishing to study in an academic program such as a university or an intensive English institute must apply for an F visa.

But if you want to do a non-academic, vocational study, such as a painting, gastronomy or writing, you must apply for an M visa. For most Latin American countries, this visa lasts for a maximum of five years, depending on the duration of the program.

J-1 Visa for exchange programs

This type of visa is granted to applicants whose main purpose is to have an exchange program to the United States. Millions of people actually go to the US to make meaningful relationships, both in education and culture.

Among the exchange programs are: working as an Au Pair, as a summer camp counselor, as a temporary student in a university or temporary student in a secondary school. Some programs are directed towards distinguished people of governments or international visitors, doctors, bilingual teachers, professors, researchers, and fellows.

In Visa USA Now we specialize in tourist visa counseling or guidance. We publish these sort of articles because we know they´re also among our client´s range of interests. Also, the point we want to make is that there is a wide range of visa categories and that you must be certain which is the adequate one for you. For this, the purpose of your stay in the United States must be crystal clear. Visit our website and get all the relevant information, so your tourist visa application to the USA is a success. 

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