Something you should consider is that luck has nothing to do with the outcome of your interview. The embassy or consulate officials make their decisions based solely on the law, regulations, and policies from the US State Department.

Both the personal interview (if required) and the information that the applicant provides through the forms are critical for the visa application process. Due to the large number of people that request a visa on a daily basis, interviews are generally very short. In fact, two appointments are necessary. One of them is to take your biometrics and fingerprints at the Visa Application Center (VAC). The second one is the interview in the embassy or consulate that applies. Yoy should request your appointment at the VAC at least one day before your interview. You can request both appointments through the website by calling +912267209400, +911206602222,+13106165424 in the USA. It´s important that the applicants can clearly and coherently describe his or her travel itineraries and provide precise answers to every question. Inconsistent or incomplete answers that don´t adjust to reality could lead the consular official to believe that the purpose of the trip could exceed the time limit, or that the applicant is ineligible or unqualified for receiving a visa.

Fraud alert

The consequences of fraud are extremely serious and they could mean that you not only lose the opportunity to travel to the US but could also be subject to legal sanctions. The DS-160 form has the following clause that the applicant must sign: “I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct”.

Be on time!

Please arrive at the Embassy at the time of your interview and not after. Visa applicants that arrive late will not be permitted to enter and should contact the Visa Information Center to request a new appointment.

Safety policy

The entry of individuals other than the applicant is not allowed. This rule applies to both US citizens and/or US residents. The only exception to the latter is when the applicant is a minor. Minors can come with one of their parent or whoever has legal custody. In determined cases, the Embassy can allow that handicaps or people with any kind of special need can be accompanied at the time of the interview. You must first go through a security control before entering the Embassy and certain objects are not allowed.

The day of the interview you will go through 3 different stages:

  • Application Process (where your visa application and required documents will be reviewed)
  • Fingerprint verification
  • The interview with the Consular Officer *

* Interpreters: If an applicant does not speak English or Spanish well enough and requires assistance during the interview

After the interview

If your visa application is approved you will receive an email with additional information in the following weeks with information on how to track the delivery of your passport (with a valid visa). Your passport will be sent to the DHL office that you selected at the moment you requested an appointment. You must show your ID and the tracking number that you got from DHL beforehand. In the case of an emergency or any other significant motive that requires you to travel to the US immediately, you can ask a consular official, at the moment of the interview, to speed up the delivery of your passport.

Emergency appointments in the embassy can be granted on a limited basis, only in medial or humanitarian emergencies. It´s important that these appointments be used only for real emergencies. If they find out that you misinterpreted your traveling motives, then those facts will be noted in your file and this could have a negative effect for your interview.

You can cancel the appointment for the interview up to two business days before the date. To cancel the appointment, log in to your profile on the website and click the "Cancel Appointment" link in the menu. Once you confirm, the appointment will be canceled and you can take another appointment. There is no fee for canceling it. You will not get a refund if you cancel it but you can reschedule it. Please note that passports with a valid visa must be picked up at DHL offices within 30 days after they have been delivered.

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