The occasional rumor or incorrect idea tends to take over people interested in applying for a visa for the United States. Those false conceptions happen primarily because many individuals don´t check the information provided by the embassy themselves or they are misguided by others who apparently have inaccurate or outdated information. These are some of the most common questions asked by baffled applicants:

Do I need to have knowledge of the English language for the interview?

You don´t need to know English since all the officials in the embassy are bilingual.

Is it more difficult to obtain the visa if I am single?

Your marital status doesn´t affect the fact that you´re eligible or not. Many single men and women get their visa approved every day.

Can I answer the questions in the DS-160 form in my native tongue?

All the questions in the form must be answered in English and with characters in English. The only exception is when they ask you to write your name in your native alphabet. Any application that is filled in a language different than English will be denied, and it could be necessary for you to apply again. Take into consideration that even though all answers must be written in English, you can find the translation of questions of the DS-160 form, throughout the internet. You can use those translations as a guide, for completing your application. If you don´t master the English language, someone that does can assist you, like a friend, relative, official translator, agent, etc. Keep in mind that only you can sign the application in the end.

Should I buy plane tickets to the US before applying for the visa?

Don´t buy transportation tickets to the US by any means before you have your passport with a valid visa inside. Don´t buy them even if the embassy already has your passport with them and has told you that your permit has been approved. Buy transportation tickets only when you have your passport with you and with a valid visa.

Do I need to have a lot of money for my application to be successful?

Applicants with different economic, social or demographic conditions can get their visa approved. Having tons of money or financial stability is no guarantee your permit will be accepted. There are a series of standardized factors of analysis that are considered by the officials in embassies or consulates.

If my visa application was denied in the past, does it mean that I´ll never be eligible for one?

If you already applied in the past and your application was denied that doesn´t mean that the same thing will happen the next time you ask. In fact, if your visa application was rejected, you should have gotten a letter explaining the motives for the rejection. If you consider your conditions have changed and that you are now eligible for obtaining your visa to the US approved, you can apply once again and get it right this time.

What happens to my application if I lose connection to the internet, if time runs out or if a technical mistake occurs? Do I need to start over?

Information is saved each time you complete a page so you won´t have to start over from scratch if any technical mistake occurs. It is necessary for you to have the application ID number and that you respond to additional questions for you to retrieve the application correctly. Once you have recovered your form it will begin on the last page you completed. You can modify previous items if you need to.

Is the support from a third party necessary for the visa application procedure?

It is not. Nonetheless, if you don´t speak English, it is recommended that you find someone that does, especially for filling out the DS-160 form, this is a service we provide in Visa USA Now, get started today.


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