• Some motives not to grant a visa or a green card or permanent residency permit

    Although hundreds of thousands of people get visas and green cards each year to enter and live in the United States, in some cases applications may be rejected on the grounds of inadmissibility.The United States can deny any foreigner entry to the country for one or several causes, and consider a person "inadmissible”. Immigration authorities must verify that the citiz...
  • The immigration plan that president Trump supports requests applicants to speak English

    The S.354 bill requires that immigrants speak English; it cancels the diversity visa lottery, reduces refugees to half, questions the asylum program and tightens visa requirements. It seems unlikely that it can be approved by Congress.The S.354 immigration bill that President Trump recently supported includes significant changes which apply since more than 50 years ago a...
  • The interview process for your visa application

    Something you should consider is that luck has nothing to do with the outcome of your interview. The embassy or consulate officials make their decisions based solely on the law, regulations, and policies from the US State Department.Both the personal interview (if required) and the information that the applicant provides through the forms are critical for the visa applic...

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