Basic DS-160 form steps

Planning to apply for a nonimmigrant visa to the USA that allows you to visit and move freely inside the country, for a determined time lapse? Then it is necessary for you to complete several steps. The first thing you need to consider is you must fill out a digital form called the DS-160 Nonimmigrant visa application form. This form is the current digital method available for applying for a nonimmigrant visa for the USA.

Completing the DS-160 is compulsory if you want your visa application process to be a success. The Department of State of The United States of America is the government entity that receives the data you submit in the digital form. Together with this form, another crucial part of the process is an interview. The interview is with a consulate official who will determine if you are eligible for a nonimmigrant visa.

Easy to use

The US designed this form for it to be easy to use and complete. It also has interactive support, in case any questions come up. Additional support or intervention from someone other than you is not required. But it´s essential to consider that you must complete the DS-160 form in English. If you don´t dominate the language, someone can assist you. Nonetheless, in the end, only you can sign the form. You can find translations in your tongue to the questions in the DS-160 form throughout the web.

At one point you must upload a digital photograph, so it´s essential for you to know the requirements for taking this photo. Low-quality photos, made with a smartphone, for instance, don´t pass the security requirements. We suggest that you take a photograph in a professional venue. That´s because many of them have standards explicitly established for the visa application procedure. Are you one of those who prefer to take the photo yourself? Then make sure you do so in a setting with good lighting. Also, make sure that you have a camera that takes quality photos. Also read the policies regarding measurements and background color, among others.

Important data

This form is different from the previous ones. Many questions ask for detailed information regarding the purpose of the trip and the visa category. Make sure to choose the correct consulate. If you do this incorrectly the DS-160 form data will be sent to a different database and your application will be unacceptable. Other questions present in the DS-160 form are related to your social security number and driver´s license information. For those applicants that have already been in the US and have that kind of information available. Authorities will also ask for detailed information regarding former visa applications. Plus the full name and migratory status of every one of your immediate relatives that reside in the US. Among other additional security questions.

In the Department of State website, you get the chance to start a new application. Or you can also provide the necessary information for opening a saved one. You must respond to every one of the questions in the DS-160 form correctly, truthfully, and thoroughly. If you don´t, you must correct your application and reschedule your appointment in the consulate. The Embassy will scrutinize every answer you provide, so it is of the utmost importance that you answer every question honestly. If the Department of State detects any inconsistency, they will deny your request.

What do I do after I complete the form?

Completing the form is only the first step, and once you have finished this step, you must contact the Embassy or consulate you wish to apply. Ask the Embassy or office if it´s necessary for you to schedule a meeting with a consular official. There is a list of all the embassies and consulates and links to their websites. Choose one from the list for inquiries about the personal interview. If the Embassy or office to which you apply informs you that a meeting is necessary, this means you cannot complete the process until you go through the interview with the consulate official.

When you apply it would be handy to have some documents and information. One of those documents is, of course, your passport. If you have had the chance to prepare your trip beforehand, have your travel itinerary present. If you have already visited the US, it´s necessary for you to inform the dates of your last five trips to the county. They will also ask you about your international travel history for the previous five years and you will need to provide information about your education and work history as well, so keep your curriculum nearby. Some applicants could need to give more information, depending on the nature of their visit.

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