You´ve got everything ready for your vacation trip to the United States. You saved up some money and are willing to have the journey of a lifetime, but there´s still one test to go: the interview for getting your tourist visa approved. The B1/B2 visa is beneficial for touristic activities including shopping, sightseeing, visiting friends or relatives that are residents or for getting medical treatment. Embassies from the US place emphasize that this visa doesn´t admit getting a job in the US.

Those interested in applying for this visa category must demonstrate that their intention of entering the United States is for a temporary term and with the sole purpose of having a touristic trip or short business meeting or event. Applicants must also demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to cover their stay in the country, plus social and economic ties to their own country.

One of the interview´s primary goals is to guarantee that the applicant will come back to his or her country after the brief legal visit. It´s best if you´re sincere to avoid inconveniences. You won´t have any trouble if you answer the questions with the truth, and you deliver all the solicited documents. US authorities recommend arriving 15 minutes beforehand. This process tends to be brief. Keep in mind that the interview is a crucial part of the whole process and that it´s best to that you prepare. Knowing the kind of questions, consular officials could ask will give you the advantage you need for getting a better result. These are some of the most common inquiries made by the consular official to those applying for a B1/B2 visa.

1. Who is traveling with you? Consular officials want to know if you´re going by yourself, with relatives or friends.
2. Where do you work? What is your work activity? Consular officials want to determine what is your socioeconomic status and also want to make sure you don´t participate in any illegal business or event.
3. How much money do you earn? Don´t get nervous; they want to make sure that you have enough for covering your stay in the country. Be sure to make an accurate calculation and don´t increase or decrease the sum.
4. Who´s paying for your trip? If someone doesn´t have enough money to cover their journey but has a sponsor, consular officials want to know who the sponsor is.
5. What is the purpose of your trip? You should answer that your trip is for touristic reasons. If you respond you will be working or studying your visa will be rejected. Avoid lengthy explanations or beating around the bush.
6. Where will you be traveling? If you can´t answer this question, it´s likely that you will generate suspicion.
7. Do you have any relatives living in the United States? If you do, consular officials will want to know everything about them.
8. Where will you be staying? They want to make sure that you don´t have any illegal relatives living in the United States and that your trip is a touristic one.
9. What places will you visit? If you have a detailed itinerary, by all means, provide it; this will make all the process smoother.
10. When will you be coming back to your home country? Give an exact date that´s not more than 90 days total, from the start of your trip as we said; they don´t want you staying there.

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