It´s no secret that one of president Donald Trump´s main campaign promises was to apply strict immigration measures. This circumstance has now become a reality, and if you who aspire to get a visa you will face a much more complex questionnaire than before.

Since last year, the US State Department started assessing new protocols to scrutinize more rigorously those who wish to enter the USA. These new measures began the on May 2017 and include asking for former passports, job and travel history, plus phone numbers of contacts. One section also requests the applicant to provide detailed information regarding social media profiles and email accounts for the past five years and even biographical information for the past 15 years. Consular officials could also request additional information if they consider that it is necessary to confirm the identity of the individual or to conduct more rigorous homeland security investigations.

Individuals who have been in locations under the control of terrorist organizations will also have to provide precise details about their stay in those countries. These standards let the State Department decide if the applicant is in condition to obtain a visa to the US or not. It´s important to note that authorities don´t take race or religion into consideration in evaluations and that these measures will affect 1% of the 13 million visa applicants in the world.

The State Department explained in a newsletter that not providing the information mentioned before would not result in an immediate refusal of your application if the consular official considers that the applicant has significant motives not to deliver them. It´s important to note that authorities will not ask for your social media passwords in the application.

Also, the government extended the interview process. The only individuals that can be exempt from these measures are those requesting diplomatic visas or officials from foreign countries and international organizations (Categories A-1, A-2, G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, NATO-1 up to -6, C-2 y C-3). Applicants that are under 14 or have more than 79 years old and applicants that had a visa with the same category which expired less than 12 months ago.

Previously, those who lost the visa by expiration could carry out the process without an interview up to 48 months after the termination. It can now be carried out up to 12 months after expiry. That means that the volume of meetings and appointments will increase, so embassies ask those who are interested in getting a visa to begin their process with the greatest anticipation possible.

Despite the exceptions in the interview process, consular agents will always have the authority to request it in case there is any concern about the paperwork or the background of the person seeking the visa. Each visa application, even those exempt from the interview, are subject to a rigorous security check. Officials could reject an individual if he or she is not eligible under the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Start your visa procedure with Visa USA Now to avoid any kind of trouble. ¡Leave it in the hands of professionals!

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