• The embassy paralyzed my visa application because of a 221g, what is it and what can I do?

    Each year approximately one million US visas, both immigrant, and nonimmigrant are neither approved nor denied. The final decision is pending and the explanation is a procedure called 221g. What is this procedure, what can be done and how long does it take to get a final answer? All these questions are solved in this article. What does the administrative procedure 221 g mean...
  • About how much time do I have to wait to get my US visa approved?

    The procedures for the US nonimmigrant visa can last for several weeks, depending on the consulate or embassy in which you request it. But it is possible to estimate how much time goes by from the day the procedures begin until the day of the interview. Once you´ve gone through the interview, the response is fast and even immediate, either the approval or the denial. The excep...
  • 4 basic rules you need to follow to keep your tourist visa

    Once the US Embassy approves your visa it´s extremely important that you avoid any behavior or actions that could lead to your authorization being revoked. Keep the following in mind: If you have a tourist visa you must leave the country before the established dateOnce you´ve accessed the United States with a tourist visa you must pay close attention to the “I-94”, t...
  • You must apply for this visa if you want to study English in the USA

    One of the main objectives of people trying to get ahead in work and in life is learning a second language. It´s a fact that English is one of the languages that is most required in the working sphere, some even call it the language in which business is made by default. English is #3 amongst the most spoken languages in the world (around 360 million native speakers and 500 mil...
  • Immigration experts from Visa USA Now answer some basic questions from clients

    Our immigration professionals receive a great number of queries each day, and in this article, we will mention some of the most frequent questions and their answers. There are many doubts that come to people´s minds before attempting to obtain a visa to the USA. The process can be very simple for some, and complicated for others. Is there a formula for getting the result you w...

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