• Don´t believe everything you hear about the tourist visa

    There are lots of myths or stories that aren´t exactly true that revolve around the tourist visa procedure. The truth is, even though there are some basic requirements for this procedure, every case is unique. Some of those basic requirements are having a valid passport, paying the visa fee and proving you have enough economic, family or social ties to your country of residenc...
  • Some pointers on how to complete the DS-160 form

    It´s important that you´re prepared to complete the DS-160 form. Before entering the website to fill out the application, it´s important that you have some information ready including: The valid passport of each applicant Previous passports that include data from previous trips (to the United States or to other countries) In case you already had a US visa, you sho...
  • What is a non-immigrant visa exactly?

    Non-immigrant visas allow a foreigner to visit, study, invest or work for a specific time in the United States. The general rule is that foreigners who want to temporarily enter the US need a visa, although there are exceptions. Non-immigrant visas are different to immigrant visas, which become residency cards. Which countries don´t need a visa to temporarily visit the Unit...
  • Can I request a US visa again if they previously rejected my application?

    We tend to face rejection negatively especially if the rejection interferes with your desired travel plans. If your visa application was denied this doesn´t necessarily mean you can´t go through the process once again, with the possibility of a positive outcome. You could have been refused because the consular officer didn´t have all the information necessary for making a de...
  • What are the consequences of lying on my visa application?

    Consequences can be very serious for a person that is caught lying or committing fraud in order to obtain a visa or another immigration benefit. Is it possible to get out of the problem? But what is lying according to immigration authorities? In the context of immigration procedures, to lie is to say in spoken or written form something that does not correspond to the trut...

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