• Planning on applying for a visa to the USA? Follow these fundamental guidelines

    If you´re planning to apply for a nonimmigrant visa to the USA that allows you to visit and move freely inside the country, for a determined time lapse, it is necessary for you to complete a number of steps. The first thing you need to consider is you must fill out a digital form called the DS-160 Nonimmigrant visa application form. This form is the current digital method avai...
  • Some student visa privileges

    Can I change my visa category from F2 to F1? This is a question that many people have probably asked themselves. Nevertheless, a general response is not always possible since each case needs to be considered individually. Applying to university or higher education programs, as we have mentioned in other articles, requires a particular type of visa, the F1 visa. If, on the other...
  • Getting married with a tourist visa

    Falling in love is one of those events that can happen to anyone and can sweep with everything in its way. If for any reason, you fell in love in the United States with a local, and you are on vacations with a tourist visa, you may have wondered if you can get married, among other concerns such as the requirements, and the rights you acquire with this action. The truth of th...
  • Universities, colleges and community colleges, which should I choose?

    With a student visa, you can access a higher education in the United States and thus develop your knowledge and increase your chances of a better future. However, it´s necessary to take certain things into consideration since not all educational centers offer the same services or have the same requirements. There are at least three different categories that can be mentioned in...
  • How to work legally in the USA with a student visa

    If you´ve investigated thoroughly then you know that an education in the USA can be quite expensive. Here at Visa USA Now www.visausanow.com we get inquiries and comments every day about students worried that they won´t be able to pay their tuition fees, among other expenses. Nonetheless, there are some options available for working legally in the USA as a foreign student. ...

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