• Can they ask me to show them my social media in the visa application process?

    It´s no secret that one of the president Donald Trump´s main objectives is to apply strict immigration measures. This has now become a reality and those who aspire to get a visa will be faced with a much more complex questionnaire. Since last May, the US State Department started assessing new protocols to scrutinize more rigorously those who wish to enter...
  • The interview process for your visa application

    Something you should consider is that luck has nothing to do with the outcome of your interview. The embassy or consulate officials make their decisions based solely on the law, regulations, and policies from the US State Department. Both the personal interview (if required) and the information that the applicant provides through the forms are critical for the visa a...
  • Basic instructions for correctly applying to a nonimmigrant visa to the USA

    If you´re planning to apply for a nonimmigrant visa to the USA that allows you to visit and move freely inside the country, for a determined time lapse, it is necessary for you to complete a number of steps. The first thing you need to consider is you must fill out a digital form called the DS-160 Nonimmigrant visa application form. This form is the current digital method avai...

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